I am now a RealtorŪ registered in Ontario Canada!
Please visit my Real Estate site:
zeng.realtor (or billzeng.realtor, or billzeng.ca)

Here are some rationales behind my becoming a realtor as a second career:

1) I am an introvert, and an adult immigrant from a non-English-speaking country. It seems crucial for me to go to some "communication gym" such as Toastmasters and also to take on a sales job.

2) I've heard a lot and believed that being a salesperson can mature someone both at the professional and personal level (as parent or spouse).

3) Be a role model for the child - step out of one's comfort zone and take on new or multi-level challenges.

4) Understand and stay on top of the pulse of social and economic needs.

5) Escape from the love-hate emotion derived from too much focus on one job.

6) My daughter has turned a teenager so I now have plenty of free time.

7) It's always nice to make extra money (without killing oneself).

8) Prepare oneself for post-retirement, and to be more useful to others.