Racism (and Mental Health) is an important topic today, especially in the Covid days for Asians and Chinese in particular.

Anti-Asian Racism, to a large extent, is Anti-Cinese Racism and is often rooted in international politics and ideology, with today's China and its government in the background.

So it has its own uniqueness as compared to anti-Black racism.

January-March has been an anti-racism season, especially in 2022. A black father's article below written in the Black History Month has inspired me and made me ask myself the same question: Build the World You Want Your Kids to Live in

Since around 2014, I've started to notice numerous examples of laughable or vomitable fake news and analyses as a result of disinformation (outbound) along with national firewall filtering (of inbound information flow) for long years (since 1989?) even in peace-time (the tactics typically used in war-time).

Citizens in the country, many of whom are my friends and families, are in effect "trained" this way to think and behave as per different beliefs/standards from the outside/western world, which can be worsened by the fact that many of them are materialistically wealthy at the same time.

Such a gap in values/beliefs often puts us Chinese immigrants in awkward situations and has often torn us, including our kids, apart. Many of us chose to be quiet and focus on money/materials only. But it surely contributes to the anti-Asian/Chinese racism in a collective way.

Yes, we will always fight anti-Asian racism, individually and with the help from the society where we live. However, can we not learn from the black father and take baby steps to help reduce the above-mentioned gap and help bring our home country a little closer to where we live (the free world)?

That's why I have recently created some writings (in Chinese) to share facts (as true as I can ensure) and my true thoughts based on the Covid issues, the Ottawa protest/crackdown, the winter Olympics, and the war in Ukraine (btw, what a busy time Jan-Mar/2022!).

So, what have you done to fight against anti-Asian racism, to help ready the world for our kids, and also to make yourself mentally healthier?