Peak flow rate variation

It's important to have a scale system to monitor "bronchitasthma" everyday and take control instead of letting it slide down being unaware.

Peak Flow Meter is a simple tool; Do I need RRDtools and the monitor app for long-term monitoring

This doctor has created an app that I could leverage -- condition-tracking app -> stats -> curriculum (with coaching) -> learn self-mgmt skills to improve the conditions

Chronic Bronchitis belongs to COPD and can be treated with:

Reference: Pulmonary Rehabilitation for COPD

A week-long trip to Aruba temporarily fixed my asthma and respiratory infection (equivalent to using prednisone or antibiotics) - the MAGIC came from the sea (salt), the warm air (27-31C) and the sunshine (and perhaps also negative ions in the air)!

And many other people have had the same or similar experience with oceanic and (sub)tropical weather.

A new experimental drug, Dupixent, proved to be a magic solution to my asthma. With only the 2nd shot I started to smell things - Such A Smelly World! - the sense I lost for 10 years or more due to sinusitis. Very interesting drug and soon I'll need to figure out how not to develop a dependency...