(This can be 闲扯加国人物5 ;=))

Listen to this entertaining and enlightening Torontonian, Russell Peters! -linjiaotou(林教头); 2007-8-22

Russell Peters is becoming a famous comedian in Canada and US, who is an 
East-Indian Canadian born in Brampton, Ontario. 
I ran into him on Youtube when I looked for funny videos yesterday. His talk 
is totally politically incorrect, yet so much fun to watch, making you laugh 
out from the bottom! He digs out and exposes cultural dirt and sh*t, and makes 
fun of his own and other cultures (Chinese, Asian, White and Black). The end 
result is -- with laughter, he helps people and particularly immigrants to get 
mentally strong and confident to face shortcomings of their own races and 
others, and have a deeper appreciation and understanding of our multicultural 

Russell uses his fluent mainstream language to entertain, enlighten and 
influence not only his own Indian communities but also Asian, Brown, Black 
and White communities. He certainly becomes my favourite. I wish such a star 
would arise someday from the next-generation Chinese immigrants. I've seen 
enough 1st-generation Chinese elite immigrants whose deep thoughts and 
opinions are only circulating among Chinese readers and confined to our own 
communities (what a waste!). 

Below are a list of his funny yet enlightening shows --- I really enjoyed all 
of them! 

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Russell Peters (45 minutes!)